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About Troop 689

Boy Scout Troop 689 has been a part of the Seaford Community for over 50 years strong. Troop 689 is chartered bt St. James Roman Catholic Church. Besides Seaford, Troop serves its surrounding communities as well such as Levittown, Wantagh, Plainedge, Farmingdale and Massapequa.

Scouting is a place where boys learn to be men. They learn to live safely in the outdoors, have fun, become leaders, serve other people in need as well as their community, survive in the wilderness, achieve goals they had never accomplished before, and just have fun while doing it! Troop 689 emphasizes outdoor activities where boys evolve into young men who are productive members of the community. Our focus is on challenging the Scouts to lead themselves while the adults guide the Scouts to be the best they can be, to always try hard and learn to persevere in different conditions and get them to adapt by being out of their comfort zone. And of course, many follow down the path to Eagle.

Each Scout has the opportunity to hold several different youth leadership positions within the troop over his time with the troop. Librarian, Quartermaster and Scribe just to name a few. Scouts elect their troop Patrol Leaders (PL) and Assistant Patrol leaders (APL), as well as their Senior Patrol Leaders (SPL) and Assistant Patrol leaders (ASPL) to run the troop for at least 6 months. The senior youth leadership determines the theme or activity for the weekly troop meetings as well as their outings. There is no better time for a Scout to test his knowledge than on an outing in the middle of nature. Our Scouts discover skills, physical and mental toughness, courage, leadership and bravery that they never knew they had during our outings.

Our adult leaders have decades of leadership experience, not just a few weeks on the job. Our leaders are all Your Protection Trained which is mandatory by The Boy Scouts of America. Our leaders are also trained by council for specific Scoutmaster and Assistant Scoutmaster training. Our leadership experiences will guide your son as we develop the guidance, inspiration and motivation as we help these boys work there way down the path towards Eagle.

Parents are an important part of our troop. We encourage parental involvement in our troop and parents are always welcome to volunteer and be on the troop committee. Fund raisers, picnic, food drives are just some of the events we always seek assistance for. We as adults must show support to the boys by helping and show your son its for a good cause as you help support the troop.

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